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DOCKER: How to use a Setup.exe to install TPT in a windows based Docker image
Last Updated 3 months ago

If you wish to install TPT into a Windows based Docker but use an installer (Setup.exe) instead of copying a previous installation like in the examples, you have to do the following steps.

Instead of a folder "TPT" that contains a TPT installation you place the desired Setup.exe there and add the following two lines into your Dockerfile.

#Copy Setup.exe into the Docker image

 COPY Setup.exe Setup.exe

 #install TPT in C:\TPT

 RUN Setup.exe /S /D=C:\TPT

Steps to get a license into the Docker may be different in your case, but a common example is that you add a file "license_default.cfg" (as attached) and a valid Flexlm license file named "tptheadless.lic" next to that Setup.exe. Afterwards you can add the following lines to your Docker file to copy those files into the TPT installation

#add the license_default.cfg 

 COPY license_default.cfg C:/TPT/license_default.cfg

 #add the license-file necessary for this license, 

 #this may be different in your case

 COPY tptheadless.lic C:/TPT/tptheadless.lic

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