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FUSION: How do I connect a TPT server or client function with my FUSION node?
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An example about the connection of TPT functions to FUSION nodes is attached. Some explanation to it can be found here:

The TPT model language supports Client functions which are called by TPT and execute code in the tested system. To use them together with a custom fusion node, you first need to declare them in the TPT project. 

When the FUSION (or other systems under test are executed) the arguments and the return values of the functions are exchanged with the tested system like channels. They have the name

functionName:argumentName and functionName::return. 

If the system under test calls a server function, the function arguments need to be written to the FUSION, then the execution of the function in TPT has to be triggered. Afterwards the arguments can be read again if they are tagged as output within TPT and the return value can be read from the FUSION.

If TPT calls a client function, your FUSION node needs to register a function handler with the FUSION. This function handler can call the function in the test code and read the arguments. The function handler is called. 

Find more in the FUSION programmers guide in chapter "3.4 Bind functions".

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