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C-CODE: Why do I get error code 0xc0000005: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION?
Last Updated about a month ago

The execution error:

Execution aborted with system error code 0xc0000005: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (Windows error description: An instruction referenced an illegal memory address.)
For details please check "". 

is a Windows Error Code which occures if your System under Test tries to access Memory that is not initialized (correctly) - very likely variables or pointers.

To solve this error, please initialize all variables/pointers accordingly, make sure all Init functions are called correctly and all functions are called in the right order.

The Option 'Initialize interface variables with pointer types in C' in your C-/C++ platform configuration may helps to solve the error. If not - Please run your software in a debugger to locate it. TPT is supporting Debugging of the SUT via Visual Studio Code, Eclipse CDT and Visual Studio.

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