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DOCKER: How to modifiy compilers inside the windows Docker with TPT19 and later?
Last Updated 3 months ago

To use certain external tools like C-Compilers or MATLAB versions that cannot be found automatically by TPT, you need to use modified tpt.config settings. 

To do this it is recommended to create a folder to be included into the Docker image. In this example we will name it tptPrefs. You must add an empty file tpt.config as attached to this article into tptPrefs. You also need to create a subfolder "tpt.config.dir". The folder tpt.config.dir needs to contain an xml-file to adapt your tool settings. The file "ccompiler.xml" contains the C-compiler settings, the file "matlab.xml" contains settings about MATLAB versions. Many properties that can be set in TPT, can be attached like this to be used inside a Docker container.

An example for the ccompiler.xml is attached, you just need to change the installPath attribute to the MinGW path inside the Docker image. The path must point to the grand parentfolder where gcc.exe is located. For example if you plan to use C:\Tools\MinGW\x32\bin\gcc.exe you need to use the path C:\Tools\MinGW\x32\.

When you are running TPT in the container all what is left for you to do is to set the compiler in the C-platform to "MyCompiler".

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