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TESTING: How can I do closed loop testing in TPT?
Last Updated 3 months ago

Closed loop testing means to use outputs from a system to use it as inputs again. Normally, there is a controller system and a plant system.
The output from the plant can be fed back as an input for the controller (normally from one sample back, e.g. realized with a memory block in a Simulink model) or through TPT to enable modifications.

Within TPT you have several options to test such closed loop systems.

  • Either you are implementing the closed loop in your system directly,
  • you are using TPT to simulate the plant directly in your testcases or via function calls of the plant implementation or
  • you are using the FUSION-platform including two nodes (controller-node and plant-node) and map the corresponding outputs/inputs to each other.

For the solution with the FUSION-platform you can find two different examples within TPT under Help-Examples:


In Example 05 you can find also the corresponding Simulink model as closed loop system.

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