Frequently Asked Question

How can I provide an error description for PikeTec's support team?
最后更新 大约一个月前

If an error occurs in TPT and the error message is not good enough or you can't really figure it out, why this error shows up, you can provide the following informations to the support team.

Send us the TPT Log File(s):

  1. Start TPT
  2. Reproduce the error
  3. Close TPT
  4. Send us the Log file(s) which you can find on your PC under: 

Send us the Command Line Output:

  1. Start TPT from the command line to get additional trace informations while running TPT
    1. Open the Windows Commandline (press [Windows], type "CMD" and press [Enter])
    2. Navigate to your TPT installation folder (cd TPT-Install-Path)
    3. Start TPT with: tpt.exe --startverbose -vm-DTPT_STARTVERBOSE=1
  2. Reproduce the error   
  3. Send us the output of the command window


请稍候...它将需要一点时间 !