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PERFORMANCE: How to deal with heap size problems of TPT?
Last Updated 3 months ago

With TPT18 and later you can set the maximum Java heap size within options-preferences-general settings.

In older TPT versions, you can increase the heap size used by TPT,
when you start it via the CLI. Therfor use "%your_TPT_path%\tpt.exe
-vm-Xmx????M" where ???? defines the heap size in MB used by the Java
VM. The default value is 3072MB.

Some hints to reduce the comsumption of the heap size:

You can start TPT via the command line interface and use additional arguments like "--nosplash and --batchmode". This reduces the RAM usage of TPT. Check the "command line option" chapter in the user guide for more options.

Other possibilities to reduce the memory needed by TPT:

- lower the number of assessment variables exported (i.e. Double() instead of DoubleX())
- deactivate the geneartion of the "variable Summary" in the overview report
- only report signal comparisons "on error"
- only report assessment variables "on error"
- reduce the number of time intervals produced in assessment calculations

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